What Sump Pump Does Your Basement Need?


Having to deal with moisture issues is a serious thing that requires a great deal of attention from your part. This is why you need to invest in proper tools that allow you to maintain the basement of your house moisture free. The perfect way to achieve a dry and sturdy house is to get a sump pump that manages to get rid of the water.

Nowadays it has become a common fact having to suffer from extreme climate conditions that affect the houses. Even in regions where flooding doesn’t occur often, houses are built in a manner that does not protect the basements and the crawlspaces from getting flooded.  

When in the market for the best sump pumps you should know that there are several types of products to choose from and each has their own list of pros and cons.

One of the most popular models on the market is the submersible sump pump that is specially designed to enter the sump pit. Basically, you can submerge the product in the water without causing any damages. Although a tad pricier, they are extremely efficient and more durable. Plus, they tend to make less noise and are easier to install.

Another good option is the pedestal sump pump that comes with a small impeller at the bottom and a motor located at the top. These type of sump pumps feature a float switch that gets higher as the water fills up. Make sure you check whether the switch is working, from time to time.

You can always buy a portable sump pump that does a great job at removing the water quite quickly. However, you should use it only as a backup if your main pump fails to get the water out or if you haven’t had time to install a powerful one.

During the months when it rains more, you’ll need a backup sump pump if your house is prone to flooding. You can always purchase something more powerful if you feel your actual unit can’t remove the entire water.


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