How to Choose a Suv Tent?

If you’re planning a future camping trip and you need to check every important detail on your adventure list, then you’ll most certainly need a proper SUV tent where you can spend your nights. Finding a good tent is not so easy and it involves more than just going to your local sports store and purchase one. First, you need to learn how to choose a high-quality item that you can use for more than just one escapade.

A tent used for your SUV must be comfortable, built to last, and spacious enough to fit more than just one person. In addition, you should invest in something lightweight if you need to carry it with you during your outdoor journey.

The size of the SUV tent depends entirely on how big your truck is. This is the first aspect you must consider when choosing the right product for you. A bigger truck will need a bigger tent, otherwise, you’ll encounter compatibility issues and you’ll see that the tent is not suitable for your truck only after you’ve already bought it.


Furthermore, you need a tent that you can comfortably sleep in, especially if you are a tall person. The advice is to choose a tent where can feet one more person that what you need. If it says that the tent is for 4 people and you are 3, then you’re good to go.

You must pay attention to your vehicle model because some tents are specially made for use with SUV while others are more suitable for pickup trucks.

Even though you might not consider it a mandatory feature, in reality having a tent with a rainfly is actually a pretty good idea. Not only you are protected from the rain and wind, but you can also use that area as day refuge from the heat and sun.

If you need a tent for all season, make sure to purchase a four-season unit. This is a tad heavier and has extra poles for support and stability.



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